Color Skins

For Queen & Country

Sir Nigel Livingston, aka Monarch, is Sovereign counterintelligence’s number one operative. The best in the world, known all over the world in the intelligence community, but not by the public at large. The son a of British Baron, Sir Nigel poses as a ambassador, who keeps a small flat in the city of London. He is an extremely skilled operative with a uniform designed by Python Industries equipped with an artificial intelligence, a learning computer. Because of his A.I. he can fight on the level of whatever his foe is. It also has the ability to reflect light, so in stealth mode to the naked eye it renders him practically invisible.

Miss Holiday

Miss Holiday is a Sovereign agent and the intel operative or handler for Monarch. She poses as Sir Livingston executive assistant, but actually she assigns Monarch his missions and provides support when needed. She is a former fencing expert and a computer genius, she is able to read and write code on the spot. Holiday can also pilot or drive anything, often serving as Monarch’s transportation and evac support.