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The Legend

Throughout history there had always been the “Crimson Knight”.  From medieval times to World War II to present day, the Crimson Knight had served as a legendary figure that toppled corrupt organizations and would be dictators.  So legendary in fact, that he had been considered by most as immortal.  There had never been a time when the Crimson Knight was not in some oppressed part of the world... until recent years.  


The Enforcer



Nikita St.James







Arachnia and The "Shadow Syndicate"

Arachnia owns the majority of New Covington’s real estate under the guise of his company, Web Global. He acquired the land and mineral rights from it’s previous owner, Lord Randolph after he went missing and was declared dead . Because of his power it is said that there is no business, politician or police department he can not influence. The police refer to his organization as the “Shadow Syndicate”, because “everybody can see a shadow but no one can touch it.” He has been called the “Boss of Bosses” because all the mob “families” of New Covington all work for him.

The Nemesiz

The Nemesis aka Johnny Blane, was once a hitman for Arachnia. Blane was cold but charming, and consider himself to be a renaissance man. He was handsome and a skilled assassin, until a herendous attack disfigured him and created his alter ego, the Nemesiz. Now, the Nemesiz Terrorizies the city for under the hidden caverns and tunnels of the city with his Genetically engineered henchmen

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