Color Skins
  • The End

    Hurto King, son of John King and former heir to Python Industries, walked away from his family's legacy after the death of his mother to become the man known only as "Oshimai" (or The End), one Japan's most mysterious figures. Feared by both criminal and citizen, Oshimai is generally considered a hero of the people, but not a hero anyone wishes to see. Known for his eerie silence and

    brutual force, he was given the label "The End", by the people of japan because if you do see him, he is the end to whatever you are doing. Oshimai is a weapsons expert and versed in many different styles of karate.

    Oshimai Vs Dragon's Tooth



  • The Lotus and the Dragons

    For centures in Japan, the Dragons have been one of the most feared criminal organizations ever created. With a ruthless code of honor, the syndicate formed by a disgraced sensa and his ninjas, spread from a small providence off the coast of Japan into every major city in the country. Over the years, the Dragons territories disconnected from each other and began operating as private sects, with only help from other Dragons when there was a serve threat. A fiercely male domaninated organization, the Dragons began loosing there hold over regions after several bad decisions made by the ruling council. Now after a hostile takeover by the mysterious female known as the Lotus, the Dragons have galvinised into a powerful 21th century corporation, more dangerous then they ever where.

    Shawnessy & his Mercenaries

    Shawnessy is a former enforcer for the IRA, (Irish Republican Army) now a mercenary for hire. He has no particular elegance to anyone, his services go to the highest bidder. No one knows what he truly looks like or if Shawnessy is a first on last name, just that he is wanted by every law agency there is. He is a Demolition expert and specializes in urban warfare. His weapon of choice is a grenade. Shawnessy is often hired by the Dragons to effect changes in different parts of the globe. He was also instrumental in retrieving Dragon’s tooth from Japanese custody. Shawnessy has two associates, Sasha Bogdanovich (The Ukrainian Nightmare) and "Askari". Shawnessy and his team operate out of his FA Thuderlifter which he also occasionally pilots.