Color Skins

The History and The Future

In the late 1940s, there was a private detective know as Logan Shaw who, with the help of a benifactor, investigated crimes and solved cases in the city of Mavensburg. However, what was not know is that Logan Shaw's name actually translated into Laugnashaolin, and that he himself was from another planet. Logan a Bulvarian, (a race of shape shifters) was in pursuit of the vicious criminal Ard'rian (another Bulvarian) when they transported back in time to earth, stranded with no hope of return.

The Face

Logan and his friend and partner, earthling Baylin Taylar served as Authority Officers for the Alliance Bureau. After Baylins death at the hands Ard'rian and his android, Logan continued to pursue the murders in the only human form he has ever known, his partner's.


King Titan

Upon his arrival in the 1940's earth, Ard'rian assumed the identity of an unexpecting vitcim and created an empire under the assumed name kingston titan. Known throughout the country as "King Titan" Ard'rian used advanced knowledge of future technology to become the most successfully mogul in the country in only a few short years.




Rewritting History

Ard'rian who came to earth 10 minutes ahead of Logan, (which translated as 10 years ahead of him in the past) wasted no time in taking advantage of his superior technological abilites, turning himself into a industrial pioneer and one of the most recognizable faces in the country. Logan was forced to find a way to return mankinds history to it's proper course and bring to justice a killer who can hide in plain sight.